Principles of Actuarial Modeling
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Principles of Actuarial Modeling


Actuarial Science applies mathematical and statistical methods to finance and insurance, particularly to risk assessment. Actuaries are professionals who are qualified in this field through examinations and experience.

Principles of Actuarial modeling deals with the modeling techniques used by actuaries when trying to assess uncertainty and risk. Some of the key areas in the Principles of Actuarial Modeling are stochastic processes, survival models, markov chains, markov jump processes, graduation of data and estimating lifetime distributions. In this Principles of Actuarial Modeling module you will be introduced to each of these areas.

The links on the left hand side of this page will take you to the various topics that you will study in this course. Within each link you will find a worked example along with a link to a series of practice questions and worked solutions.

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