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Ethical Guidelines


The information on this page will help you complete your case study assignment by:

  • reminding you of the key ethical principles for the case study assignment;
  • asking reflective and thoughtful questions about ethical responsibilities and obligations to research participants;
  • helping you consider your ethical responsibilities and obligations to research participants.


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Teachers, Ethics and Multiple Roles

In your roles as teachers, you likely make decisions every day that relate to good practices and appropriate behaviour when dealing wiht students in educational settings. As a teacher and a researcher, what are the ethical and decision-making considerations that are important to think about as you carry out the case study assignment?


"... research ethics involve a consideration of the conduct of researchers in relation to their own personal behaviour as well as how they relate to and treat others during their research. They are about identifying certain norms and standards of behaviour that researchers are expected to follow."

Ethical Principles in Researching Vulnerable Groups, P Connolly

Key Ethical Principles (for the assignment)


  • Informed Consent
  • Privacy
  • Dual Roles (power differential between researcher/participant and teacher/student)

General principles that frame the above ethical guidelines are the safeguarding of the dignity and safety/well-being o f the participant in all stages of the research project.



Ethics Scenarios

In the window below you will be presented with three hypothetical research scenarios. Think about the potential ethical issues in each scenario and then answer the questions.

Ethics Scenario

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