Support Team



Women with diabetes should be seen every 2 weeks by their multiprofessional team. they should expect the following care at every antentatal visit:

  • Blood pressure and urinalysis check
  • Weight
  • Monitoring of HbA1c
  • Referral in each trimester of pregnancy for retinal screening
  • Overview of blood sugar control and possible adaptation of insulin medication
  • Advice re diet and lifestyle
  • Advice re management of hypos; care of insulin injection sites
  • Referral to featal cardiologist ultrasound at approximately 24 weeks
  • Serial ultrasound scans from 28 weeks for fetal weight estimation
  • 3rd trimester fetal assessment including cardiotocograph monitoring
  • Parentcraft education including advice with regard to breastfeeding
  • Plan for vaginal birth at 40 weeks gestation