How to Record Audio
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How to Record Audio


Recorded audio can be used in a variety of ways to enhance the teaching and learning process. Apart from being used as a way to effectively communicate ideas it offers flexibility in where, when and how often it can be accessed. It can benefit students who have a particular learning style or have difficulty reading. Students themselves can also be encouraged to produce audio content. This can help to improve their knowledge and enhance their understanding of material, develop communication skills or share ideas and collaborate.

Recording audio using a headset and Audacity Software
Typical computer microphone and headphone connections
Portable audio recorder
Audacity Software interface
Microphone for better quality audio capture

To produce audio recordings you can use a computer with suitable audio recording software and a microphone. Alternatively, you can use a portable digital audio recorder or even your iphone. The type of microphone and the specification of the computer have an impact on the quality of recorded sound produced but for most purposes a basic microphone can be adequate.

Free Audacity Software

A popular free, open source software for recording and editing audio is Audacity. It is available for Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows and Linux and in a variety of languages.

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