Using the 'Delicious' social bookmarking website
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Using the 'Delicious' social bookmarking website


Web browsers (e.g. Internet Explorer, Firefox) allow you to bookmark and add to a list of favourite websites so you can find them again easily. As you increase your number of saved bookmarks they can be put into folders to help keep them organised. However, these bookmarks are only available on the computer where you created them. If you do not have access to that computer, your bookmarks are not available to you.

A new way to bookmark is to use a social bookmarking website and not your browser. One of the most widely used is called Delicious. Social bookmarking sites allow people to access their bookmarks from anywhere, regardless of where they work or study. Organisation of bookmarks is achieved by the use of tags which are descriptive words you add when you bookmark a website. These are used to categorise the bookmarks and help find them later.

Delicious bookmarks are usually public. This means your colleagues can see your bookmarks and use your tags just like you. That's why this is called social bookmarking as your bookmarks can benefit other people. There are also options to save bookmarks privately or share only with specified people or groups.

Bookmarks are primarily organised based on the tags / keywords given to them but can also be viewed chronologically or searched. Long lists of bookmarks are easily filtered using the specific tags which they have been given.

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