Using the 'Delicious' social bookmarking website
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  • Delicious Training Videos

Delicious Training Videos

Use the links below to access a series of video tutorials which will show you the basics of how to create a Delicious account for yourself and start saving and sharing bookmarks. The videos include narration to help guide you through the necessary steps.

  1. Overview of the Delicious homepage
  2. Creating a Delicious account
  3. Overview of your bookmarks page
  4. Signing in to your account
  5. The Delicious toolbar and browser buttons
  6. Saving bookmarks
  7. Making bookmarks private or public
  8. Creating a network of users
  9. Customising your network of users
  10. Adding users to your network
  11. Sharing specific bookmarks with others
  12. Viewing your inbox
  13. Using subscriptions to follow tags
  14. Ways to search through bookmarks
  15. A summary of how to use Delicious

Alternative Guide to Delicious

As an alternative to the video tutorials, you can download a short guide to delicious which explains all the necessary steps.

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