My Teaching Their Learning
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My Teaching Their Learning

Workshop Overview

Student Teacher Interaction

This workshop is a resource for all staff who engage with students in any teaching-learning setting.

It is derived from the Learner-Teacher Interactions (LTI) research project in CEIPE (Centre for Excellence in Interprofessional Education) and is an approach to, and method for, analysing teaching-learning processes.

Completion of the workshop will equip you with information and methods for identifying characteristics of the teaching-learning process and help you to identify aspects of your practice that you might endeavour to develop.

The workshop takes approximately two hours to complete but does not have to be completed in one sitting. It may be beneficial to complete it over two or more sessions to allow time for reading and reflection.

There are downloadable documents for use throughout the workshop, therefore it is suggested that you work on a computer linked to a printer.

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