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Experiential Teaching and Learning

The diagram illustrates the experiential learning process envisaged by the Experiential Taxonomy. It identifies:

  • Five key levels (Exposure, Participation, Identification, Internalisation, Dissemination) in experiential learning;
  • The changing roles of teacher and learner across these levels;
  • The sub-processes that facilitate the development of higher-order experiential learning.

It needs to be noted that the process is not necessarily a linear/circular process. This means in the first instance that the starting point of a lesson does not necessarily need to be at the Exposure level (structured introduction to the topic, inviting the interest of the learners). Secondly, it is not necessary for the learning experience to go through each stage of the taxonomy to be successful and effective. It is therefore a dynamic process and progress can skip one or more categories.

Experiential Teaching and Learning Diagram (Click to enlarge)

Explore the Experiential Teaching and Learning Diagram

An interactive version of the diagram is available which gives an explanation of the five key levels and an explanation of the respective teacher / learner roles associated with each.

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