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Further practice using the Experiential Taxonomy

Coding a Learner-Teacher Interaction using the Experiential Taxonomy Mini-Grid

The categories are detailed along the top of the grid. The time in minutes is indicated down the left of hand side and the minute by minute transactions are coded according to the taxonomy with an X placed in the appropriate cell of the chart only if a particular teaching strategy is used rather than how often it is used.

Video Two

It is recommended that you watch the video right through once before attempting to code it using the Mini-Grid.

The video is an extract of a 30-minute feedback session after 9 students (8 females, 1 male) had participated in a uniprofessional teaching simulated teaching-learning session. The transcription was produced from a video recording and shows the students sitting in a semi-circle. One of the tutors (TM1) is standing up on the left of the flipchart. The other tutor is sitting off screen and is included in the session when questioned by TM1 on one occasion.

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