My Teaching Their Learning
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The drive to examine and enrich the teaching and learning experience

The question of what constitutes an effective learning experience in Higher Education remains a significant concern for education providers, educators and students alike.

If the ultimate aim of the education process is to produce high-order learners who are capable of flexible, transferable and independent/self-regulated learning, then educating students in a way that will enable them to be capable of ‘higher-order thinking’ may have an important role to play in the development of professional competence.

My Teaching, Their Learning Workshop

Completion of this workshop will equip you to examine your teaching and its characteristics as a setting for learner engagement and the development of higher-order student learning.

It will enable you to construct answers to challenging questions such as :-

Does my teaching:

  • encourage student autonomy and initiative?
  • search out and explore students’ understanding?
  • pose thoughtful open questions?
  • probe and build on student responses?
  • develop student critical thinking?
  • facilitate students constructing their own meaning?

Learner-Teacher Interactions Research Project

Based at the Centre for Excellence in Interprofessional Education (CEIPE)

The Learner-Teacher Interactions (LTI) research project from which this workshop arises, sought to explore the nature of extant learner-teacher interaction across a variety of settings in healthcare education.  The theorectical underpinnings of this project were in Constructivism and its methodology derived from the Experiential Taxonomy. Over seventy hours of video and audio recordings of learner-teacher interactions were collected from a wide range of healthcare education contexts including university, hospital and clinical settings.  Video cameras were set up as unobtrusively as possible during teaching sessions with no adjustments made to the planned teaching sessions.  Consent for filming was obtained from both learners and teachers.

The method developed for the analysis of data in LTI study was a two-stage process, beginning with transcription of the data captured on video.  Initially, the video was viewed in its entirety to allow the transcriber who had had no previous contact with the research to become familiar with the session’s content and general characteristics as a learning-teaching process.  This was followed by a first-pass transcription of learner-teacher and learner-learner verbal interactions on a minute-by-minute basis for the duration of the session.  Finally, a second-pass transcription was performed to check the accuracy of the first-pass transcription.

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