My Teaching Their Learning
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Review, Reflection and Next Steps

Having followed the workshop to this point, including completion of the exercise associated with Video One and Video Two (optional), you have engaged in an experiential learning process:

  • Exposure: Becoming familiar with the theoretical underpinnings of the Experiential Taxonomy

  • Participation: Understanding the functional use of the taxonomy as a tool in analysing teacher-learner interaction

  • Identification: Using the taxonomy for coding, analysing and interpreting interactions in the teaching-learning act

It is now important to extend your experiential learning process through the level of Internalisation and Dissemination:

  • Internalisation: Planning and implementing changed professional behaviours in terms of planning, delivering and evaluating the teaching act

  • Dissemination: Reviewing, evaluating and extending through dialogue with learners and professional colleagues

In order to extend your learning experience in these ways, it will be helpful for you to:

  • Video record one (or more if appropriate) of your teaching sessions (having obtained the necessary consents)
  • Create a transcript of interactions on a minute-by-minute basis during the session (s)
  • Print off the relevant resources from this workshop and code the interactions to produce a taxonomic grid for the session(s)
  • Review and interpret the picture of the teaching-learning process which emerges.

This will enable you to focus on developing strategies whereby your teaching and your students’ learning may be enhanced.  To begin with, you may find it helpful to consider the challenging questions outlined at the start of the workshop.

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