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Using the Experiential Taxonomy - Video One

Coding a Learner-Teacher Interaction using the Experiential Taxonomy Mini-Grid

The levels are detailed along the top of the grid. The minutes of the session are indicated down the left of hand side and the minute-by-minute transactions are coded according to the categories of the taxonomy.  This is done by placing a single X in the appropriate cell of the taxonomic grid if a teaching-learning behaviour occurs (whether once or several times) during the particular minute of the session being coded.

Image of the mini grid

Video One

It is recommended that you watch the video right through once before attempting to code it using the Mini-Grid

This video is a three minute extract from a 51-minute feedback session after four female 3rd Year Nursing students had taken part in a uniprofessional simulated teaching-learning session. The scenario being discussed involved the care of a simulated female patient who had just been moved from theatre following an operation. The students are seated in a circle that includes two female tutors - both tutors and students are dressed in nursing uniforms.

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