Planning Law in Northern Ireland
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Using the Timeline


The timeline gives access to the different events which have contributed to the history of Planning Law in Northern Ireland.

Planning Timeline

Navigating through the Timeline

The controller allows you to navigate forwards or backwards through the timeline by clicking on the right or left horizontal arrows. Alternately, you can click and drag your mouse over the centre of the timeline to navigate through it.

You can also zoom in or out of the timeline by using the top and bottom vertical arrows or by clicking and dragging the slider.

Timeline navigation

Using the Timeline Legend

You can use the legend to be more selective about what the timeline displays. By clicking on the different coloured arrows you can hide the events that relate to those categories. Click on the arrow again to display those events again.

Timeline legend

Viewing the events in alternative ways

You can display the events as a list, instead of the visually in the timeline. Click on the timeline title to reveal an additional menu and then click on list to get an alternative view.

Timeline title

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