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Creating screencast videos


Screen capture or “screencasting” refers to recording the activity on part or all of a computer screen and then making it available as a video for others to follow. Often an audio narration is also included to help explain the actions on the screen.

Simple screen capture is easy to achieve through the use of some additional software. It involves clicking on a record button and recording what is being viewed on the screen in real time, together with spoken audio.

Suitable screen capture software

Popular free software to use for screen capture is called Jing. It has versions for both Mac and Windows. It is very simple to use but is restricted in the duration of recordings (5 minutes maximum) and its inability to edit the captures. A commercial version of the software is Camtasia which allows more complex screen recording and editing to be achieved. General guidance and advice on screencasting and other software is available from JISC Digital Media.

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