Guide to creating online support materials
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Presenting worked examples


These video guides demonstrate how part of the Actuarial Mathematics resource was created using the Content Management System and e-learning templates.

It was designed to be self-directed and allow students to progress through a series of worked examples. The solution for each worked example is presented as a screencast (video) recorded by the lecturer to outline step by step how to solve it. The worked examples are supplemented with further questions and exercises for the students to try. The same style of presentation is used throughout the resource.

Although this example is focused on maths-based content it is relevant to other subject areas wishing to use the same approach.

Video Guides

Watch the videos in sequence to get an appreciation of how the resource was constructed.

1. Overview of the resource

2. Creating the resource structure

3. Creating a document store

4. Uploading documents

5. Adding text to a page

6. Adding text to a worked example page

7. Adding a video to a worked example page

8. Adding document links to a worked example page

9. Previewing pages

10. Approving pages

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