International Research Centre for Experimental Physics

FEI Tecnai F20 Field emission high-resolution transmission electron microscope with analytical attachments.

FEI FIB200TEM focused ion beam microscope and machining system

Jeol 6500 FEG Scanning Electron Microscope

Bruker-AXS D8 4-circle thin film X-ray diffractometer

Digital Instruments D3000 Multi-mode SPM

Tecnai F20 This field emission high-resolution transmission electron microscope is an exceptional tool; it has a 200kV accelerating voltage giving it sufficient resolution for atomic level imaging of microstructures defects and interfaces in materials. It belongs to the first series of TEM to feature complete digital control of the embedded analytical peripherals. This allows easy switching between parallel and axial beams, TEM and STEM, diffraction and mass loss contrast or the range of ancillary techniques including energy filtered mapping and EDS mapping.


FIB200TEM This instrument is similar to a SEM, but rather than electrons, it uses a beam of Ga ions to assist in imaging. However, most significantly it is possible to use the Ga beam to perform micro-machining of thin films; thus patterns and structures can be cut into materials with feature sizes as small as 10nm. In addition Pt and SiO can be deposited for wiring and testing of the nano-features. Our system also includes a SIMS for depth-profiling and elemental mapping during machining.



Bruker-AXS D8 X-ray Diffractometer All the materials that we prepare have some form of periodic structure, whether it is epitaxial single crystal thin films and superlattices or amorphous metals in complex multilayered structures. X-ray diffraction is used to investigate these periodicities to determine crystal structure etc.


The JEOL 6500 FEGSEM  in addition to imaging at resolutions close to 1.5nm this new instrument is equipped with EDX and WDS chemical analysis systems.


The DI D3000 technical information to be added shortly.