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Attitudes towards Irish unification in Northern Ireland after Brexit


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June 17, 2020
11:00 - 12:00

As ARK marks its 20th anniversary year, please join us for this webinar which includes the release of the 2019 Northern Ireland Life and Times Survey

There has been a lot of speculation about what Brexit means for the prospects of Irish unification. The NI Life and Times (NILT) Survey has proven a useful tool for tracking changes (and continuities) over time in the political attitudes and identities of people in Northern Ireland. In this webinar, Dr Katy Hayward, Dr Milena Komarova and Ben Rosher will discuss the results of new questions on the topic of Irish unification, in part to see what could potentially make a difference in changing those attitudes either for or against. These findings will be considered in light of previous NILT results and the changing context for Northern Ireland’s post-Brexit future.

To join the webinar, please book a place at 

The Life and Times Survey is an annual survey recording the attitudes of the public of Northern Ireland to a wide range of social issues.  The 2019 survey included questions relating to respect; good relations; minority ethnic groups; community safety and perceptions of paramilitary influence; political attitudes and BREXIT; road safety; criminal justice system; and breastfeeding. 

Full results of the 2019 survey will be available on the Life and Times website on 17 June at