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Proof of Concept: Funding Opportunities to Commercialise Your Research

Queen’s University academics & researchers are invited to join a webinar to find out about commercialisation funding opportunities.

June 3, 2020
11:00 - 12:00

Since 2013, Invest Northern Ireland have funded 84 Proof of Concept projects at QUB. Further funding to support a brand new phase of projects is being sought and the target date for opening applications for the next funding round is hoped to be after Easter 2020.

Invest Northern Ireland have agreed to come to speak about their application stages, the expected level of commitment, what they would look for in for in an application and what outcomes they would like to see from each project.

In addition there are also other funding sources and opportunities that Research and Enterprise can highlight and signpost. An overview of these will be given and information will be provided about the application processes.

Who Should Attend?

Queen’s University academics who are interested in translational science and commercialisation funding. There will be presentations on the various funding sources and opportunities to ask questions and to network with the funders.

How Will I Benefit?

Attendees will learn about the timelines for applying to commercialisation funding, what would be expected of them and their group, and what should be included in an application. This will be beneficial to attendees as it will raise the awareness of the opportunities that are available and inform them of what would need to be done to prepare good quality applications.

Please note that if you attended either of the Proof of Concept events on 10th March or 29th April then you will have already heard the information that will be presented. You would still be welcome to attend this one if have any further questions.