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Virtual CV Check for Queen's Students

Access a tailored, virtual CV check via VMock CV Checker and receive feedback within 15 seconds

May 6, 2020 (Weekly - until August 31, 2020)
00:00 - 23:59

Non-Final Year Undergraduates and Post Graduate Taught students can now have a virtual CV check via VMock CV Checker.  Each student can upload up to 10 CVs in their allocated secure account.  VMock has been calibrated by CES for Queen’s students and will provide detailed, online feedback on each uploaded CV within 15 seconds.  VMock CV Checker makes use of artificial intelligence and machine learning to highlight precise suggestions for improvement.  Students can also access the tool via the VMock CV information page on the Careers website (in the CV and cover letter section) or the “Quicklinks” on their MyFuture Homepage.

Queen’s Students who have already used VMock during 2019/20 scored it 10/10 for ease of use liked it so much that over 70% of them have been continuing to use it to review more than one CV and have made the following comments:

We all used the detailed feedback and really liked it.  The fact that it gives really detailed and sectioned feedback is great.  Being able to go and see into your own CV with comments highlighted was fantastic

I used it 2 or 3 times.  I also used it as part of a summer internship to KPMG.  I got called to the next stage, so it seems to work ok.  I would use it again for things like that.

The feedback was more positive and the experience with (with my Placement Officer) also felt more positive. It picked up things I had not thought about before – conversation was less about layout, format basics and more about content and what would actually help me to present best for this employer/job

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