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Previewing the Project’s Electronic Resources

Our electronic resources are currently in a beta phase and are in the process of being tested – hopefully! – by the project’s Advisory Board. Open access to the project’s electronic outputs will be launched next year, but in the interim we append a video introduction to give site visitors a sense of what we plan in the first instance.

About the New Design

The new Geographies of Orthodoxy website is designed to make accessing and reading news from the project clearer and easier to navigate. A featured post allows us to profile a specific entry which is, we feel, significant to ongoing research…

Engaging with the Academic Community

Work on the Geographies of Orthodoxy project continues apace. The project PDRAs, Dr Ryan Perry and Dr Allan Westphall, are currently working on codicological investigations of the project’s manuscript corpus and detailed (con)textual profiles of English pseudo-Bonaventuran materials respectively, which will issue in ground-breaking web-based outputs in 2009 and, hopefully, as a published catalogue at a later date…

Welcoming Allan Westphall and David Falls

We are delighted to announce the appointment of Allan Fogh Westphall as the second postdoctoral research associate on the Geographies of Orthodoxy project. Allan’s research interests include medieval religious cultures, Middle English devotional writing, especially mystical writing, performance and affective Christocentric devotion, devotional lyric poetry, Lollardy and heresy, and, more broadly, medieval theology and intellectual [...]