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Previewing the Project’s Electronic Resources

Our electronic resources are currently in a beta phase and are in the process of being tested – hopefully! – by the project’s Advisory Board. Open access to the project’s electronic outputs will be launched next year, but in the interim we append a video introduction to give site visitors a sense of what we plan in the first instance.

“Hospitable Reading” and Clerical Reform in Fifteenth Century London

“Categories of historical explanation are indispensable,” says the German historian of the Protestant Reformation, Berndt Hamm. “But when they lose their status as questions” he continues, “when it is no longer apparent that they are thought constructs placed upon the past, such categories come to have fatal effects on scholarship”…

A Survey of Scribal Hands: a new feature of the project database

The Geographies of Orthodoxy team have decided to add a new feature to the online database that we believe will make this resource even more useful to scholars and students of later Medieval literary culture. We are planning to add scanned samples of scribal forms from manuscripts within the corpus, and thus to allow the [...]