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The Carthusian Milieu of Love’s Mirror

In his essay, ‘The Haunted Text’, Vincent Gillespie, following A.I. Doyle, has warned that ‘we need to look more carefully at Carthusian interventions in contemporary spiritual writing and … assess the evidence for textual circulation cautiously, without assuming that wide dissemination beyond an audience of confreres or fellow religious was ever a common intention of Carthusian scribes and authors’.[1] This re-examination is, however, not applied to one of the most widely circulating Carthusian texts produced in the fifteenth century: Nicholas Love’s translation of…

Issues: Vernacular? Theology? Vernacular Theology?

Project Co-Director Dr Ian Johnson assesses the valences of a controversial critical conjunction in contemporary medieval English Studies… At Kalamazoo in 2007 some speakers in sessions on late medieval English religious literature and culture talked of vernacular theology as if it was still very much the vital paradigm. Others, however, spoke of ‘vernacular theology’ whilst [...]