The Project
Research Papers
Mapping Frontiers, Plotting Pathways: Routes to North-South Co-operation in a Divided Island


Team workshop I, 16 April 2004 (UCD): The north-south frontier and cross-border cooperation in Ireland: an overview
Team workshop II, 1 October 2004 (QUB): The Irish border in perspective
Study group I, 9 December 2004 (CCBS, Armagh): Partition and the creation of the Irish 'border region'
Team workshop III, 17 January 2005 (Dublin): The impact of the border on Irish society
Study group II, 19 April 2005 (Clones): Regeneration and Identities on the Irish Border.
Mid-term conference, 27 May 2005 (IBIS, UCD): The North-South Bodies Five Years On
SEUPB/HEA showcase conference, 2 June 2005 (Dundalk)
Team workshop IV, 21 June 2005 (Dundalk IT): Pathways across the Irish Border and the EU dimension
Border discussion group, 21 June 2005 (Dundalk IT): Focus Group reflection and feedback on the project
Study group III, 13 September 2005 (Newry), Does the border matter? North/South trade and mobility since the 1920s
Team workshop V: 23 September 2005 (QUB): Transcending the Border: institutions and people
Study group IV, 13 October 2005 (Derry city): Planning for and working in Border areas
The project conference, Routes to North/South Cooperation in a Divided Island, was held in Armagh on 19-20 January 2006.
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