The Graduate School

Queen’s unique partnership between academic schools and The Graduate School is what enables you to stand out as a ‘what’s next thinker’.

Supporting our postgraduates on this journey means training them not only to be subject specialists, but also to be thinkers, communicators, innovators, and leaders who are future-ready.

Our Pillars

Our five developmental pillars will guide you through your time at The Graduate School and support your development as a postgraduate at Queen's.











What's Happening

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Impact: A Social Innovation Challenge

Impact is a programme for postgraduate students who wish to use their research and skills to positively impact the world around them, no previous ideas needed.

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Master Your Leadership

Find your strengths and areas for improvement, through our innovative development programme. 

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Chartered Management Institute

Complete a Level 7 Certificate in Strategic Management and Leadership and get future ready.


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Weekly Update

Find out about upcoming events, training programmes and funding in our weekly round up.

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Margaret Topping

Dean of The Graduate School

"My goal is to make the Graduate School a dynamic intellectual hub which creates a community based on challenge between disciplines."

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