Postgraduate-led initiatives

What is it all about?

The Graduate School has funding available throughout the year to assist current postgraduate students in organising academic events and cultural interventions, which work to bring together the wider communities within both Postgraduate Taught and Research student bodies at Queen's University. 
This funding is allocated for initiatives developed and delivered by postgraduate students to help enrich the experience of the wider postgraduate community. The programme supports in skills development such as leadership, effective communication and project management by providing students with the opportunity to manage events and budgets through first-hand experience.

Who can Apply?

Postgraduate students can apply for Postgrduate-Led Initiative funding from the start of September up until the end of June.

Only activities aimed at and relevant to postgraduate students will be considered for funding.

Please note that applications will not be accepted across the months of July or August.

What can your Apply For?

Postgraduate-Led Initiative Funding

What can you Apply For?

  • Research forums, networking and social events
  • Career planning initiatives
  • Roundtable talks between research students and professionals/experts in their field
  • Specialist training involving internal or external training facilitators
  • Events which build relationships between postgraduate students
  • Organisation of a conference or seminar

Click below to see some some examples of Postgraduate-Led Initiative activities outlined:

How to Apply?

To apply for funding, students must complete an application form outlining the purpose and scope of the initiative and the funding required.

Your submission must be endorsed by your Head of School or Postgraduate Co-ordinator. 

Please be sure to read the guidelines carefully before submitting your application form. If additional informaiton is required, you may have to resubmit your application to be reviewed at the next panel meeting, resulting in a delay to your proposed initiative.

Completed applications should be emailed through to

Useful Information

Deadlines to Note:
  • We request that your application be submitted 4 weeks in advance of your initiative taking place
  • Acknowledgement of your application will happen within 5 working days of this being received
  • Any decisions regarding the approval of funding for a Postgraduate-Led Initiative will be taken by a panel comprising members of the senior management team at the Graduate School
  • The Graduate School panel meet on the last Thursday of every month to review any pending application forms. A decision regarding your application will be fed back to you in the days that follow.
  • If your application is approved, the funding will be processed by the Graduate School

Allocation of Funding:
  • The maximum amount the Graduate School will award towards a Postgraduate-Led Initiative is £400
  • As total costs for the proposed initiative may be more than the amount of funding awarded, the support agreed may be a contribution towards the proposal
  • Each School has been allocated a set amount of funding. Once the allocation has been met, applications will be considered on a case-by-case basis.
  • Funding should not be used for direct financial assistance to individuals
  • The Graduate School will not award funding for direct monetary prizes to students
  • Funding is not available for any travel costs incurred by postgraduate students who are co-ordinating the event
  • If your initiative runs across 2 consecutive days, additional requests for funding will be considered on a case- by-case basis

Travel & Accommodation:
  • Please note that in line with University business need, the most cost-effective methods should always be used
  • Please provide two quotes for travel and accommodation identifying any airline carriers / taxi companies etc.
  • The Graduate School has an agreement in place with The Wellington Park Hotel (£75 pn) and ask that this hotel is utilised unless justification can be provided as to why this venue has not been selected / a cheaper alternative is available

Hospitality Costs:
  • Funding for hospitality costs (i.e. tea, coffee breaks or other refreshments) is restricted to a maximum of £100
  • Please note that for events lasting more than one-day additional funding for hospitality may be considered (up to £200)
  • Designated QUB providers must be utilised (The Great Hall, Junction/Krem) for hospitality. Full details are to be provided on the breakdown of costs including the provider selected, items to be purchased, cost and numbers attending the event.
  • Click here to downloads the Great Hall hospitality menu and here to access the Krem hospitality menu
  • Please note that we do not cover the cost of alcohol

  • The University premises should be used for all events
  • A room in the Graduate School may be available to use. Please contact or telephone 028 9097 2585 for any booking queries.

Guest Speakers
  • The Graduate School is happy to contribute towards the costs of one guest speaker
  • Additional guest speakers will have to be supplemented by other means e.g. your School

Subsistence Costs:
  • If your proposal includes a guest speaker, subsistence costs are limited to £15 (12 hour period) and £25 (24 hour period)

Additional Assistance or Support:
  • If you require support from the Graduate School during your activity or event, you can request assistance in the form of a Community Assistant
  • Please note that this support is paid at rate of £7.83 per hour. You will need to include this in the 'detailed breakdown of total funding required' section of your application form
  • We would encourage you to apply at least 4 weeks prior to your initiative taking place where additional assistance or support is required, so that we can ensure availability and draw up the Community Assistant rota accordingly

  • Successful applicants must submit a short Evaluation Report after the initiative has taken place
  • Receipts for all monies outlaid on the initiative must be submitted to the Graduate School along with your Evaluation Report straight after your event has run
  • Please ensure that any staff members involved in the delivery of your initiative are outlined

  • Support from the Graduate School should be acknowledged at any event or in conjunction with/on any material developed
  • The Graduate School branding will be supplied if you are successful

My most memorable experience as a Postgraduate student to date

"Having secured funding, I organised an  inter-disciplinary  symposium  which reflected on the  societal impact of compassion advocacy. The opportunity to develop collaborative relationships with academics from Queen's and beyond was invaluable. It's improved my ability to work in a constructive manner and strengthened my organisational skills."

Carolyn Blair
Final year PhD, Institute of Theology

Postgraduate student, Carolyn Blair

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