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Online learning and resources

If you are unable to attend a training session but feel that you still require some help, we have prepared a range of resources which may help you

Research Skills Master Programme is a comprehensive training resource for Postgraduate Research Students at Queen’s University.

Each of these online courses contributes half a day towards the 30-day suggested allocation for training and development.

They provide researchers at all stages of their research with a broad range of essential research skills. 

For information on how to access this course consult the user guide below :

  • Online courses user guide [Login Required] (this information is currently being updated and may be temporarily unavailable)

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To download a PDF version of our webinars and useful online learning resources select the appropriate PDF below:


  • Constructing Paragraphs
  • Writing with Energy
  • Writing Introductions
  • Writing Conclusions

PDF Documents

  • Dealing with Secondary Literature
  • Exploring Grammar for PhD Writers
  • Structuring the Thesis
  • Writing a Conference Paper

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