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Master Your Leadership Skills

Purpose of Programme

The aim of this programme is to support a ‘whole person’ approach to the PGT (Master's) experience at Queen’s University through a programme of leadership training and development which complements disciplinary excellence and develops employability skills as linked to the Graduate School ‘5 pillars’ described below.

‘Leadership is not a fad, and the leadership challenge never goes away.’
Kouzes and Posner, The Leadership Challenge: 2012

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What is Master Your Leadership?

Using the Graduate School's  ‘5 pillars’,  the programme supports a ‘whole person’ approach to the PGT (Master's) experience at Queen’s University through a programme of skills training and development which complements disciplinary excellence and develops employability skills .

Who is this course for?

 The course is available to all PGT Master's Students. The course will run through the academic year and you will have the chance to choose which chort they join.

What can you expect?

Prior to commencing the course you will be invited to complete the Kouzes and Posner online 360 degree Student Leadership Challenge (LPI) which will support you to develop a tailored personal development plan built around the five practices of exemplary leadership identified by Kouzes and Posner which are based on 30 years of extensive research.

Over the four workshops we will support you to develop your leadership skills and encourage you to become self aware of your strengths and areas for development through a series of challenges, practical exercises and case studies. You will also:

  • Take part in a real-life work challenge set by an employer
  • You will work in groups to complete tasks
  • You will have opportunities to reflect on your skills

Master Your Leadership Registration Form 2017/18 


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The Kouzes and Posner

Student Leadership Challenge

Grounded in 30 years of extensive research, Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner have identified the 'Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership' that successful leaders display.

The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership

The five practices are:

Model the Way Inspire a Shared Vision Challenge the Process Enable Others to Act Encourage the Heart

Each of the 'Five Practices' is made up of six core behaviours that Kouzes and Posner have identified as being indicative of exemplary leadership.

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The Kouzes and Posner

Student LPI 360

Through participation in the Student LPI 360 Online, you will understand the specific behaviours and actions of exemplary leadership and identify your personal strengths and areas for improvement in relation to these.

The Value of 360 Degree Feedback

Research indicates that some people see themselves more positively than others see them, while others see themselves less positively than others do. 360 degree feedback provides an understanding of how a range of people perceive you.

This enables you to identify patterns and consistent messages which can then enable you to create a plan which addresses areas for development and growth. It is also very useful for us to know what others perceive as our strengths, on a consistent basis. This can support our choice of career and help us to identify where we can add value to a project or to team functioning in the future.

At interview it is commonplace to be asked about our strengths and areas for development. The ability to evidence that we are self-aware and reflective in relation to our personal and professional development is highly prized by employers and can give us ‘the edge’ on other job candidates.

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Master your leadership skills

Pillar Training Days

You will attend four days of training, linked to the five pillars: thinkers; innovators; leaders, communicators; future-ready.

Each training day will include inspirational talks from both academic leaders and leaders from industry and the not-for-proft sector. The Kouzes and Posner model of leadership will be explored through practical exercises and case studies.

There will be opportunities for you to explore your feedback from the 360 evaluation and to decide on areas for development going forward. Finally, you will be trained in specific skills relevant to leadership including the following areas:

  • How to give and receive motivational and developmental feedback
  • How to communicate with impact
  • How to problem-solve in the workplace using structured methodologies
  • How to create ideas that work
  • How to be resilient


Master Your Leadership Cohorts
CohortLeadership Thinker  InnovatorFuture   Ready  Booking status
1 25th Oct 17 8th Nov 17 22nd Nov 17 6th  Dec 17 FULLY BOOKED
2 27th Oct 17 10th Nov 17 24th Nov 17 8th  Dec 17 NOT AVAILABLE 
3 1st Nov 17 15th Nov 17 29th Nov 17 17th Jan 18 NOT AVAILABLE 
Winter School 9Th Jan 18 10th Jan 18 11th Jan 18 12th Jan 18 FULLY BOOKED
4 3rd Nov 17 17th Nov 17 1st Dec 18 2nd Feb 18 CURRENTLY RUNNING
5 7th Feb 18 21st Feb 18 7th March 18 25th April 18 LIMITED PLACES AVAILABLE
6 9th Feb 18 23rd Feb 18 9th March 18 27th April 18  
7 14th Feb 18 28th Feb 18 14th March 18 2nd May 18  
8 16th Feb 18 2nd March 18 16th March 18 4th May 18  
Summer School 1 24th July 18 25th July 18 26th July 18 27th July 18  
Summer School 2 31st Jul 18 1st Aug 18 2nd Aug 18 3rd Aug 18  

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