Research Culture at the Graduate School

Monday 3rd June 2019: Present


Tell your Research Story At Conferences

10.00am - 1.00pm, Training Room 7

Learn the main elements of a successful conference submission, understand how to use your communication toolkit for planning and delivering at conferences and explore strategies to effectively ace a question and answer session.

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Research Culture Week

2.00pm - 2.10pm, The Social Space

Dean of Graduate School, Professor Margaret Topping will introduce and discuss the ethos behind the Graduate School's Research Culture Week.

(Afternoon refreshments will be served from 1.00pm - 2.00pm)

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Hearing the ‘Echo’, Seeking the ‘Answer’ Critical Social Research, Power and Justice

2.10pm - 4.10pm, The Social Space

Reflecting on his personal journey and drawing on his published in-depth research Phil Scraton explores the profound challenges involved in bearing witness to the ‘pain of others’, foregrounding their social, political and economic rights in the processes of investigation and inquiry. 

Critical social research has exposed and questioned the foundations of ‘official discourse’, mainstream knowledge and the dynamics of institutional power. 

From his early research with travelling communities, through the inner-city uprisings in the early 1980s and deaths in controversial circumstances, to his long-term work on Hillsborough, in prisons and in communities he asks, ‘What is the role and what are the responsibilities of the critical social researcher?’ Recounting personal testimonies ‘from below’, revealing institutionalised deceit and pursuing ‘truth recovery’, this talk proposes that dissenting voices are the foundation of hope, resistance and transformation.


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Tuesday 4th June 2019: Promote


To Postdoc or not to Postdoc? That is the question! with Dr Alice Dubois

10.00am - 11.30am, Training Room 2

The end of your PhD is approaching so you do what everybody does, look for a postdoc! But did you actually take the time to ask yourself if doing a postdoc will have any benefit for your career? Have you considered alternatives? In this short session, we will look at what postdocs do, reasons to do a postdoc and what to consider if deciding to go ahead and get the best out of a postdoc. 

There’s no “one-fit-all” answer of course but we expect that after this course, you will feel more prepared to take your decision of “postdocing or not postdocing” after your PhD. 

This session will be led by Dr Alice Dubois, Head of the Postdoctoral Development Center, at Queen’s University Belfast.

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Three Minute Thesis Competition (3MT)

1.00pm - 2.15pm, Training Room 7

The 3 Minute Thesis Competition challenges doctoral candidates to present a compelling spoken presentation on their research and its significance in just three minutes. The winner will be nominated to represent QUB at the National Vitae 3MT final in Birmingham on 16th September 2019. Participating Schools should register the names of those students representing them to by Friday 17th May 2019. 

The ®3MT is an academic competition developed by the University of Queensland, Australia. Its success has led to the establishment of local and national competitions in several countries.

If shortlisted for the National final, travel and accommodation for the student and a guest to attend the final will be provided as part of the overall prize. For more information on the 3MT competition please visit Vitae.

The Graduate School Final Prizes for the 3 Minute Thesis Competition:

  • 1st Prize £200
  • 2nd Prize £150
  • 3rd Prize £100
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Master Your Interview Technique

2.30pm - 4.30pm, Training Room 2

This workshop is designed to help you perform confidently at interviews. We will look at common interview questions to help you succeed at interviews.

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Wednesday 5th June 2019: Post


5th Annual Researcher Poster Competition

11.30am - 1.15pm, The Social Space

Schools who participated in this year's competition have nominated the winner/s from their School for the finals. Winning students with shortlisted posters will be displayed in the Graduate School from Friday 31st May. The competition final will be judged on Wednesday 5th June by Faculty representative judges and winning students will be annouced at 1.15pm in the Graduate School.


How to Build a Strong Online Presence for Researchers with Linzi Conway

10.30-12.30, Training Room 7

Current Selection

By improving your online presence, you can reach potential employers or customers from around the world. Increasing your online presence is absolutely crucial to the success of your job hunt or business. This workshop will focus on hints and tips on raising your profile online. This Workshop is delivered by Linzi Conway. 

Linzi has over 20 years of experience in all aspects of HR Management, Leadership Development & Career Coaching. She has delivered leadership & interpersonal skills training and is a Lecturer at Queen’s University Belfast, MBA Distinguished Leaders Programme and NRC Business and Management School. A regular on-air commentator on employment and best practice in the workplace, Linzi is also a quality-assured Enterprise Northern Ireland Business Advisor. 

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Thursday 6th June 2019: Pioneer



Research Impact and the Research Excellence Framework with James Dillon

11.30am -1.00pm, The Social Space

This session will provide an overview on the Research Excellence Framework (REF), the system for assessing the quality of research in UK Higher Education Institutions. In particular, there will be a focus on Research Impact - the effect that academic research is having on non-academic audiences. The session will discuss the means by which impact is measured and assessed in the REF, and will provide examples of world leading research impact, both from Queen’s, and from further afield. 

Impact is becoming an increasingly important part of the research process and a central part of successful academic careers. 

Speaker Bio: James Dillon is the Research Impact Manager at Queen’s University Belfast. He works with academic and professional services colleagues to help engender a culture of impact across the research base of the university, including advising on REF and research engagement activities. James was involved in the development and delivery of the Queen’s University Engaged Research Action Plan in 2018 and is currently coordinating its implementation. Previously James worked in political communication and advocacy in Northern Ireland. He also spent five years in Ulster University working with academics and major international agencies such as UNESCO and UNICEF, advising on stakeholder engagement and research impact in the 2014 REF exercise.


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Innovating Research in Academia

2.00pm - 3.00pm, The Social Space

The world is changing, faster than ever before. Humanity faces problems of unprecedented scope and scale. More than ever we need to heed Einstein’s words that “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”  The ability to innovate as well as a willingness to experiment have become  prerequisites to research and academia. 

Dr. Bettina von Stamm is an original and visionary thinker in the field of innovation, who has focused on deepening understanding of innovation and the conditions in which it thrives since 1992. In 2004 she founded the Innovation Leadership Forum (ILF), a Think & Do Tank dedicated to helping organisations understand and improve their innovation performance. 

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Innovation After Hours and Launch of Student-Led Journal

6.00pm - 7.00pm, The Social Space

Powering inspiration beyond the 9-5, Dr Bettina von Stamm, an original and visionary thinker in the field of innovation, will discuss the current challenges surrounding innovating research. Dr Bettina von Stamm will explain ways in which researchers can experiment with various tools to address innovation challenges in research.

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Following Innovation After Hours, Dr Lilian Simones will launch a new student-led academic journal (IMPACT) and will explain how this innovative journal aims to contribute to enhancing the exisiting dialogue between academic disciplines and wider sections of the community. The journal aims to start conversations which will lead to innovative research ideas and partnerships with the overarching goal of providing solutions to real-world problems.

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Friday 7th June 2019: Partner

Interdisciplinary working

Research Sandpit

10.00am - 2.00pm, Training Room 7

A research sandpit is an intensive, interactive workshop designed to inspire and produce radically innovative and multi-disciplinary research proposals. Participants from a diverse range of disciplines come together in a creative, free-thinking environment and immerse themselves in a collaborative process around a critical global challenge…. It’s also a lot of fun!


Current Selection

We will take on a challenge that has been identified and inspired by current global and topical issues which require researchers to collaborate across disciplines for potential solutions.

Why to do it?

Being able to communicate the potential impact of your research to a multidisciplinary audience can only enhance disciplinary excellence. After all, if we’re always talking to the same people, we’re not likely to find new things to say, so bring your perspective to the debate. Global challenges can’t be solved by one discipline alone, so this is a forum for transdisciplinary debate and dialogue that will allow you to have different conversations about the value and potential impact of your research with different people; it’ll also give you a taster of producing the interdisciplinary/multidisciplinary research proposal that all Research Councils want to see.

What will it involve?

You will be working in cross-school teams to devise an interdisciplinary research project that is seeking to achieve genuine impact beyond the HEI sector. At the end of the session, each team will present their research proposal to an academic panel, and a winning proposal will be chosen.


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