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Our Vision

Creating a hub for Humanities research, bringing academics from disparate disciplines together to address society’s challenges and broaden the horizons of our students.

Led by Professor John Thompson, the Institute for Collaborative Research in Humanities at Queen’s will promote collaborative study and discussion of academic, social and cultural issues. Its work will have far-reaching impact within the University and on the wider community it serves, both locally and globally.

Study in the Humanities is traditionally a solitary pursuit but the new Institute will not be hidebound by history. Our linguists, sociologists, historians, musicians, anthropologists and others have much to contribute to the wider, applied world of research, bringing relevant collective knowledge to bear in areas of science, health and social well-being - thinking forward through the past.

Collaboration and partnerships are vital in the modern university. Inspired by the Robert Penn Warren Center at Vanderbilt University, Nashville, this innovative Institute will deepen, broaden and humanise our approach to the great challenges of society. We are engaging in partnerships across the globe including the Folger Institute and Georgetown University, both in Washington, DC, and working locally on initiatives with public service organisations such as Belfast City Council and BBC Northern Ireland.

Within the University, it will bring a further expansion of the educational experience, adding new layers of knowledge and awareness in specific areas of study and providing our graduates with a broad range of skills to help them realise their ambitions.

In today’s world, rarely is sufficient credit given to the importance of creativity - not only in cultural but also business life. The Humanities at Queen’s enjoy worldwide acclaim. Help us as we lay the foundation for a vibrant future.