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Rev Alec Reid

Rev Alec Reid

Reverend Alec Reid was born in Nenagh, County Tipperary and entered the Redemptorist Order in 1950, before being ordained priest in 1957.  Throughout his life, he has made a remarkable contribution to the development of peace and reconciliation in Northern Ireland.  For example, in the late 1980s, he brought together John Hume and Gerry Adams for what was referred to, at the time, as “groundbreaking talks”, to facilitate the abandonment of violence and the development of a peace process. 

In 2005, he and the Reverend Harold Good were asked to witness the decommissioning of IRA arms: evidence of the trust that the British and Irish governments had in them both.  Rev Reid has also been involved in efforts to promote peace and reconciliation in the Basque region of Spain, for which he was awarded the prestigious Sabino Arana 2002 “World Mirror” prize in Bilbao in January 2003.

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