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Get INTO Queen’s and a new perspective on life


A Malaysian student, who turned her back on a full scholarship to study in Malaysia in order to come to Queen’s, will this week graduate from the University with her Law degree.

Vi-ven Ooi, from Malaysia, came to Queen’s through the international foundation programme provided by INTO Queen’s, which offers academic preparation and English Language courses before a student undertakes their degree.

Because her secondary school results qualified her for a full scholarship to study in Malaysia coming to Belfast was a risk for Vi-ven. It was, she says, a risk worth taking: “Looking back, I can say with confidence that my choice was right. Had I not chosen to follow my dreams, I would never have met all the interesting people from various parts of the world I can now call friends.”

There are currently some 1,400 students, from over 80 countries, studying at Queen’s, and Vi-ven, added: “At Queen’s I got to immerse myself in different cultures and this opened my mind to things different from what I was used to. All these experiences widened my horizons and helped opened so many doors.”

Vi-ven also participated in the University's Degree Plus programme, which encourages extra-curricular activities on top of the student’s core degree. 

She was introduced to other fields through Degree Plus, including finance, business, and language, and even got the opportunity to travel abroad through the Global Leadership Programme.

Vi-ven, said: “I am certain I would never have had all these experiences studying elsewhere. Coming to Queen's has been the best decision I’ve ever made in my life. Taking the first step out of your comfort zone, and leaving everything behind will not be easy, but that step is definitely worth it.”

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