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Graduating from ‘home from home’ for Californian student


US student Jessica Geiger, from Moreno Valley, California, will this week graduate from Queen’s and the University she has called a “home from home”.

Graduating from Queen’s School of Psychology, Jessica is one of over 1,400 international students from 80 countries who are currently studying at Queen’s. Jessica’s journey to Queen’s began when she met representatives from the University in Los Angeles, California.

Speaking about her decision to come to Queen’s, Jessica said: “I loved the idea of studying abroad, immersing myself fully into a different culture and developing a closer bond with my Irish family, but I had no clue where to start or how to make it happen. I was lucky enough to meet a member of Queen’s staff at an event in Los Angeles, and they helped me realise that attending Queen’s was a real possibility.”

Despite struggling with some homesickness during her first year, Jessica soon settled into life in Belfast. She has since become the North American student ambassador, helping other students who found themselves in a similar position to her. She said: “I have thoroughly enjoyed the past three years of learning and developing my psychological skills and knowledge. My course was so well-rounded and offered me the opportunity to explore every area of psychology.”

Already Jessica has received an offer of employment from a school in her native California who is interested in employing her as a counsellor, however, Jessica is considering undertaking a PhD, with an emphasis on social and developmental psychology. 

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