Registrar's Office

Academic Board

Terms of Reference:


Academic Board should function as a central University Staff/Student Consultative Committee.


The purpose of the meetings shoudl be to discuss issues, especially those related to learning and teaching, which relate to central University provision or policy.

(c)   Where possible, there should be a pre-meetign to include the Students' Union Vice-Presidents for Clubs and Services and Education, the Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Education and Planning) and the Director of Academic and Student Affairs, to discuss the agenda in advance of the meeting.


Chair:   Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Education and Planning)
Ex Officio:    Director of Academic and Student Affairs
    Director of Information Services
    Director of Student Plus
    Two Heads of School Education Committees (or equivalent) from each Faculty grouping (nominated by the Heads of Schools)
    Nine Directors of Education, three from each Faculty grouping (nominated by the Deans in consultation with Heads of Schools
    Four representatives from Academic Council
    One member from each Univrsity Colleges (nominated by the Principal)

One Staff/Student Consultative Committee Representative from each School/Institute (including one from each of the University Colleges) - nominees should include represenation from the following categories:

(i)  Undergraduate Students.

(ii)  Postgraduate Students (taught and research)

(iii)  International Students

    Four Representatives from the Student Council
    Two Representatives from Clubs
    Two Representatives from Societies
    Vice-President (Education), Students' Union
    Vice-President (Clubs and Services), Students' Union
In Attendance:   Relevant University Officers as required. 


Serviced by:    Academic and┬áStudent Affairs Directorate    
Reports to:   Education Committee    
Receives reports from:   Academic Support Directorates    
Meetings:   Three times a year.