Registrar's Office

Education Committee

Terms of Reference:

(a)   To be responsible for the development, implementation and evaluation of the University's Education Strategy and other related strategies.
(b)   To establish the academic policy and education objectives of teh University and ensure their alignment with the institutional strategies for education, subject to approval by Academic Council as appropriate.
(c)   To oversee all aspects of teaching quality and enhancement, and associated quality assurance mechanisms, including adherence to quality and qualification fraweworks, and arrangements for institutional audit.
(d)   To direct the development of the University's academic frameworks, academic regulations and the principles and rules governing the structure of programmes, including the University's assessment policies and guidance.
(e)   To approve the appointment of external examiners, and teachign assistants.
(f)   To oversee and approve arrangements for the administration of centrally-funded prizes, shcolarships and awards.
(g)    To consider and approve as appropriate, reports on the outcomes of internal periodic review (eg annual programme monitoring) and any external reviews (eg QAA, PSBs or other bodies).
(h)   To direct the development of policies and procedures related to admissions, student support, progression, and student services.
(i)   To oversee and advise on student recruitment policy; widening participations programmes; and access programmes.
(j)   to develop and co-ordinate, in conjunction with the Collaborative Provision Group, the Univeristies policyies and practices regarding validation activities for collaborative programmes and to approve new (or-renamed) validated programmes.
(k)   To consider and recommend to Academic Council, proposals for new institutional collaborative arrangements.
(l)   To receive and consider reports from other committees/groups as appropriate including: Courses and REgulatiosn Group; Collaborative Provision Group, and Academic Board; Disability Forum.


Chair:   A Pro-Vice-Chancellor (nominated by Vice-Chancellor)
Ex Officio:    Deans 
    One Head of School from each Faculty grouping (nominated by the Deans)
    University Colleges Principals
    Director of Academic and Student Affairs
    Director of Information Services (or nominee)
    Director of Marketing, Recruitment and Communications (or nominee)
    Director of Research and Regional Services (or nominee)
    Director of Institute of Theology
    One Director of Education from each Faculty grouping/University College equivalent (nominated by the Deans in consultation with Heads of Schools and University College Principals)
In Attendance:   Relevant University Officers as required. 


Serviced by:    Academic and┬áStudent Affairs Directorate    
Reports to:   Academic Council    
Receives reports
  Academic Board
Collaborative Provision Group
Courses and Regulations Group
Scholarships and Awards Group

The Education Committee meets three times a year.