Registrar's Office

Remuneration Committee

Terms of Reference:


To determine and to review annually, on behalf of the Senate, the salaries and conditions of service of senior managers of the University who have accepted performance management contracts. This currently includes:

    President and Vice-Chancellor
Registrar and Chief Operating Officer
Director of Finance
Director of Estates
Director of Human Resources
Director of Development and Alumni Relations
Director of Research and Regional Services
Director of Information Services
Director of Academic and Student Affairs
Director of Student Plus


(b)   To oversee severance arrangements for senior officers in the context of the University's policy governing all severance packages, to identify boundaries of delegated authority for agreeing packages and to determine settlements in excess of pre-agreed limits.
(c)   To consider and advise on any matters concerning the terms of appointment and conditions of service of any senior officer defined in (a) above when referred to it by the Vice-Chancellor.
(d)   To endorse and keep under review the key objectives agreed by the President and Vice-Chancellor with the Pro-Vice-Chancellors, Deans and Registrar and Chief Operating Officer, and by the Registrar and Chief Operating Officer with the nine Directors.


Ex Officio:   Two Pro-Chancellors
Honorary Treasurer
1 lay member of Senate
In Attendance:   President and Vice-Chancellor 
Registrar and Chief Operating Officer
Director of Human Resources
Relevant University Officers as required


Serviced by:    Human Resources Directorate    
Reports to:   Senate    
Meetings:   The Remuneration Committee normally meets twice each year.