Registrar's Office

Standing Committee

Terms of Reference:

(a)   To consider and report upon all matters referred to it by the Senate or the President and Vice-Chancellor.
(b)   To transact such business as may from time to time be committed to it under Statute XII (i.e. in relation to matters of redundancy, discipline, grievances, dismissal and removal from post - as they affect academic and support staff).
(c)   To ensure compliance with equality and diversity legislation.
(d)   To keep under review, from a general equality perspective, the University's policies, structures, procedures and practices in all spheres of activity, including, inter alia, staffing and employment-related issues and promotion of a good and harmonious environment.
(e)   To ensure the implementation of the University's Equality Scheme, in line with Section 75 of the Northern Ireland Act 1998.
(f)   To take such further action as may be necessary to ensure the promotion of equality and diversity of opportunity in all things, including the approval of affirmative and positive action measures.

 To consider and approve recommendations in respect of co-options to the membership of Core Committees and Related Companies.


To transact such other business as may from time to time be committed to it by the Senate.




 President and Vice-Chancellor    

Ex Officio:   1 Pro-Chancellor
Honorary Treasurer
3 lay members of Senate
2 staff members of Senate
In Attendance:   Registrar and Chief Operating Officer
Relevant University Officers as required
Serviced by:    Registrar's Office    
Reports to:   Senate    
Receives reports from:   Other University Committees as appropriate     
Meetings:   The Standing Committee normally meets three times each year.