Registrar's Office

Value for Money Group

Terms of Reference:


(a)   To consider initiatives within Schools and Directorates to imrpvoe VFM, including benefits achieved.
(b)   To consider relevant information from within the sector and from similar institutions to compare procedures, practices and costs and thereby assess opportunities to improve VFM.

To identify the development mechanism and reporting requirements for any new initiatives. 

(d)   To prepare an annual report for consideration by the UON and for onward transmission to the Audit Committee.



Chair:   Director of Finance
Ex Officio:  

Deputy Director of Finance
Head of Purchasing
Director of Estates
Director of Academic and Student Affairs
Director of Human Resources
Director of Information Services
Dean, Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences
Dean, Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences
Dean, Faculty of Medicine, Health and Life Sciences

In attendance:  

Representatives of the Internal and External Auditors


Serviced by:    Finance Directorate    
Reports to:  

Audit Committee
University Operating Board


Receives reports from:

  Advisory Groups as appropriate.
Meetings:   Three times a year.