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Erasmus programme

Information for Students from Partner Erasmus Institutions

Queen's welcomes applications from European students who wish to attend under the Erasmus programme. Erasmus is the European Higher Education programme which provides the opportunity for students, who are already enrolled at another university in Europe, to take time out from their own institutions and spend either one semester or a full academic year at Queen's.

In order to be admitted to Queen's as an Erasmus student, your home university must have a bilateral agreement with Queen's in the subject you wish to study.  See the list of universities with which Queen's has a bilateral agreement or check with the International Office at your home university.

In the 15 years that Queen's has participated in Erasmus we have welcomed over 1800 students from almost every country in the European Union. In return, over 1000 Queen's students have studied under programmes in 16 countries, and returned to Queen's enriched and enthused by their experiences.

Many Erasmus students who have come to Queen’s have enjoyed their time in Belfast so much that they have returned to undertake further study. Use the links on the right to find out more about how to apply.

Information for Queen's Students who wish to undertake an Erasmus Programme

Enrolled students at Queen's can undertake an Erasmus programme as part of their degree. Internationalising your Queen’s experience can be a great way of developing personal and  employability skills, experiencing exciting new cultures, gaining a more global outlook and perspective, as well as – and definitely not to be forgotten – an opportunity to meet new friends and have fun.