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Part-time Study

Part-time study at Queen's
Options include undergraduate and postgraduate study
More information on part-time study is available through the Coursefinder

If you're interested in part-time study, there's a range of options Queen's can offer you.

Undergraduate part-time study


Continuing Professional Development courses

Queen's University Management School also runs a comprehensive range of CPD short courses, designed to help students apply the knowledge and skills learned in their workplace. Since numbers on each course are restricted, early booking is always advised.  Further information is available through the Queen's University Management School website.

Open Learning Courses

From Spanish to wine-tasting, creative writing to travel, world literature to visual arts, there's a course for everyone in the Queen's University Open Learning Programme. These part-time courses are open to all adults regardless of qualifications or experience and are offered during the day, evenings and the weekends.

We launch three programmes each academic year, in autumn (September to December), New Year (January to March) and in the spring (April to June). For more information visit the School of Education website.

Postgraduate part-time study

The University offers an extensive range of postgraduate taught and research programmes, most with part-time study options. More information is available through the Online Coursefinder.

Additionally, Queen's University Management School offers a Masters in Business Administration (MBA), an MSSc Organisation and Management and an MA Human Resource Management, all by part-time study.


For further information visit the Queen's University Management School website or our Online Coursefinder.