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Research Centres of Excellence

Selection of Research Centre logos

Queen’s is building on its impressive track record of achievement in research and education which is reflected in the development of world-class centres of research excellence across the full range of disciplines. 

These include:

The Centre for Cancer Research and Cell Biology - working with partners around the world in developing innovative cancer treatments and pioneering advances in patient care.

The Centre for Theory and Application of Catalysis (CenTACat)- supporting cutting-edge research in an area where Chemistry links up with other disciplines and with global industry.

The Centre for Climate, Environment and Chronology (CHRONO) - one of the world’s top 10 facilities working to enhance understanding of past and present climate change.

The International Centre for System-on-a-Chip and Advanced Microwireless Integration (SoCaM)- building upon work in Engineering to develop entire electronic systems based on a single silicon microchip.

The Institute of Governance, Public Policy and Social Research- bringing together researchers from Queen’s and across the world who study how countries are governed.

The Sonic Arts Research Centre- uniting experts in the fields of music, electronic engineering and computer science. Its state-of-the-art sonic laboratory is the only fully 3D studio of its kind for sonic art performance and experimentation.

The International Centre for Experimental Physics- building upon Queen’s reputation as a world leader in this fundamental branch of science. It carries out research to develop next generation technologies, and gives local hi-tech companies access to the highest standard of facilities and expertise.

The Virtual Engineering Centre - enabling researchers to study complex technological systems not just with their eyes and ears, but through an array of senses, including touch and smell.

The Institute of Electronics, Communications and Information Technology (ECIT) is a new €60 million world-class centre with a unique focus on blue skies, strategic and industrial research projects. ECIT brings together, in one building, internationally renowned research groups from Queen's University, Belfast specialising in key areas of advanced digital and communications technology.

The QUESTOR Centre is an international partnership between academia and industry. The Centre carries out application focussed environmental research to generate knowledge and technologies for the future needs of industry.

A very significant beneficiary of the work of Queen’s research is the wider community of Northern Ireland.

In an economy dominated by small and medium-sized enterprises, the university sector accounts for the lion’s share of the research and development which leads to industrial innovation, sustainable employment and wealth creation.


Queen’s is effectively harnessing its breadth of research excellence to enhance Northern Ireland’s economic competitiveness and to offer its postgraduate students the best possible start to their future careers.

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