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Home from Home

Queen’s Elms Village

The University’s residential accommodation is located close to the main campus and is among the best and most modern in the UK. Queen’s has invested over £45 million in providing world-class facilities at Elms Village, designed with first year undergraduates in mind.

University-managed residences offer a semi-independent style of living, which is aimed at easing the transition from home to university life. Facilities staff, accommodation staff and security are based in the Elms reception building, where help can be found 24/7.

Around 60 per cent of Queen’s students live away from their families. Choosing to live in student accommodation at Queen’s is the ideal way to make the transition from home to university, even perhaps to adjust to living in an unfamiliar country. And there is a high level of support for the new students as they settle in and begin to establish a balance of work and lifestyle.

There is live-in support from our team of Community Youth Workers (CYW) and Residential Assistants (RA) whose role is to help students deal with transition issues such as settling-in, making friends, managing money and sharing communal living space.

For more in-depth information on Queen's accommodation, see our FAQs.

Guaranteed accommodation 

Any student currently living outside Northern Ireland is guaranteed accommodation at Queen’s in their first year.

This guarantee also applies to:

  • Students with disabilities;
  • Students who have been offered a Queen’s scholarship; and
  • Students who have been offered the Elite Athlete award.


The University’s buildings and accommodation are located in a relatively quiet, affluent residential area of south Belfast. Parents naturally concerned about the welfare of their children can take heart that street crime and burglary rates in Belfast are much lower than in comparable European or American cities (Northern Ireland Annual Abstract of Statistics 2009).

Belfast was also named the safest region in the UK in 2012, and the following year Northern Ireland’s crime rate dropped to a 15-year low

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