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Enhancing the Quality of Our People

“Our staff are Queen's most valuable resource and, at any time, our most significant investment”

    Actions to Support Delivery of Strategic Priorities

  • Embed a culture of positive performance across the University through consistent implementation of Performance Management for all staff, both to reward good performance and to address underperformance;
  • Implement a sustained recruitment campaign to increase the numbers of academic staff and to support the successful delivery of our education and research objectives;
  • Review and develop a more effective framework to enhance the level of meaningful staff engagement in Schools and Directorates, supported by current technology and social media;
  • Promote equality and diversity in all staffing matters, with particular emphasis on maintaining our progress towards achieving a more representative proportion of female staff in senior positions, especially in the STEM subjects;
  • Provision of effective and up-to-date staff development opportunities for all staff;
  • Development of an environmentally aware workforce and student community, recognising and realising the opportunities created through individual and University contributions to global sustainability.