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Strategic Priority 3

To grow an efficient, effective and sustainable enterprise

To achieve this strategic priority, we will focus on selected strategic actions. We will:
  • Selectively expand our student population, attracting increased numbers of students from Northern Ireland, other UK regions and international markets;
  • Diversify the income base, including research, consultancy, commercial and philanthropy, to reduce our dependence on the core Government grant;
  • Ensure the most efficient and effective provision of services, with management actions and resource allocation aligned to this end;
  • Develop a culture of robust, effective and timely decision making, promoting a greater sense of ownership and responsibility in decision-making at all levels, underpinned by transparency and excellent communication;
  • Build on our corporate performance management reporting, drawing on accessible and robust management information with progress being monitored by smart KPIs consistently used across ‘one university’;
  • Strengthen engagement with the Foundation Board in supporting and delivering key institutional projects.

“Meeting ambitious goals within a scenario of reduced public funding presents a particular challenge”

We will judge our progress by monitoring performance against agreed targets to meet our ambitions for:

  • An increasingly multi-cultural student population, with Northern Ireland students broadening their experiences through international internships and study abroad programmes;
  • An increasingly diversified income base, securing resources from a wide range of sources and increasing our leverage against Government income, reinforcing our commitment to 4% growth, year-on-year, in our non-block grant income;
  • A sustainable business model to deliver the core mission of teaching and research underpinned by effective engagement and the communication of our value propositions to our customers, internal and external;
  • Minimise cross-subsidy in order to maximise investment in agreed strategic priorities.