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Queen's students talk about teaching styles at the University

Study Facilities

Find out about the Study Facilities at Queen's


Zoe Salmon's whistle-stop tour of Queen's

TV presenter and Queen's graduate Zoe Salmon takes you on a tour of Queen's during the University's Open Days.

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Queen's honours scholarship winners

Queen's honoured the first winners of the University's prestigious new scholarships programme

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Employability and Skills launch

The CBI has backed a new scheme to give Queen's graduates an added edge in the job market. The University's Employability and Skills Policy, developed after consultation with employers, parents and students, includes the Degree Plus initiative. This acknowledges the skills which students gain during extra-curricular activities such as voluntary work and sport.  

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Italians at Queen's

Over two hundred Italian students have sampled the sights and sounds of Northern Ireland this summer during an intensive English language educational and cultural programme at Queen’s.

Following the success of the inaugural programme in July last year, the students are visiting Queen’s under the scheme organized by ATC Language and Travel, in conjunction with the University’s Student Plus Directorate. QTV found out what they made of Queen’s and Northern Ireland.

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