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Postgraduate Tuition Fees NI/GB/EU/ISLAND2015-16

Postgraduate Taught Tuition Fees

Standard Full-time

Full-time standard postgraduate taught tuition fees are £5,060 for the academic year 2015-16.

A student is classified as full-time if the total CATS points of the courses that he/she is studying are greater than 120 CATS points.

CATS is an acronym for the Credit Accumulation and Transfer Scheme. This is a system which gives credit for each individual course unit that is completed successfully.

There are a number of postgraduate taught courses which have nonstandard fees.  Please refer to the Tuition Fee Schedule 2015-16 for further details.

Standard Part-Time

Part-time standard postgraduate taught courses are priced at £28.11 per CATS point. A student is classified as part-time if the total CATS points of the courses that he/she is studying are less than or equal to 120 CATS points.

Standard Dissertation

If the required dissertation is not submitted by 30 September of the academic year in which the student is enrolled, he/she will be required to pay the fee for a full dissertation module (60 CATS points) for the following year, at the prevailing rate.

Other Postgraduate Taught Tuition Fees

There are a number of Postgraduate Taught courses which have a tuition fee which differs from the standard fee quoted above. For further details please refer to the Tuition Fee Schedule 2015-16  pages 9 and 10.

Postgraduate Taught Programmes -Premium Fees

Queen's University Management School

 New students Registering in  15-16


MSc Accounting and Finance 6,000
MSc Human Resource Management 7,000
MSc Finance 6,000
MSc Computational Finance 6,500
MSc International Business 5,500
MSc Management 5,500
MSc Marketing 7,000
MSc Risk Management and Financial Regulation 6,000
MSc Economics 6,000
International MBA 19,500
School of Law  
Juris Doctor 12,360*
* A fee waiver of £360 is applied to successful applicants  

Postgraduate Research Tuition Fees and Charges


Full time postgraduate research tuition fees for the academic year 2015-16 is £4,052.

The fee will be calculated on a monthly basis, pro-rated for the academic year in which he/she starts. 


Part-time research students are assessed, as such, on the basis that they are studying less than 21 hours per week, over a period of more than 18 weeks, on the course of study. 

The tuition fee is calculated at 50% of the full-time fee for students admitted from 2012-13 onwards. .

The part-time research fee for students who first enrolled on their program prior to 2012-13 at Queen's will be one third of the approved full-time fee.


A student who has completed his/her research and is engaged on writing up his/her thesis will be charged £281.

Tuition Fee Payment Options

Students will be required to complete the University's enrolment and registration process at the start of the academic year. This process will be undertaken via the enrolment and registration wizard.

The payment arrangements at enrolment and registration are detailed below. Students should ensure that they have made the necessary payment arrangements in advance of enrolment and registration.

Students whose personal contribution is £250 or less, will be required to pay in full on enrolment.

The table below provides a summary of the payment options available to postgraduate students, with the exception of International postgraduate students.


Options Notes
Pay tuition fees in full at enrolment

Tuition fees can be paid online via a student's Qsis Account, by cheque, credit/debit card or bank transfer.

Direct Debit

Minimum of 25% Payment at enrolment with 3 further bi-monthly payments at the end of November, January and March.

Thesis only and Exam only charges cannot be paid by Direct Debit.

The Direct Debit Mandate can be downloaded via the following link Direct Debit Mandate form.

Sponsor Evidence of sponsorship or scholarship from a government or other
official organisation, must be provided at enrolment and registration.
Apply for a tuition fee loan to the SLC (Defer Fees)

Eligible Students can apply to the SLC for a tuition fee loan for specific courses designated for funding. These include PGCE, MSc Spatial Regeneration*, MArch*, MSc Urban and Rural Design*.


*Eligible students only - please refer to your Education and Library Board for further information on eligibility.

The overarching principle, regarding the payment of tuition fees, and other associated charges, is that the student remains liable for the payment.  If the student loan or sponsorship arrangements do not subsequently provide funding, the student will be required to pay all the fees and charges personally.

Tuition Fee Liability for Postgraduate Student Withdrawals

The date when a student withdraws will affect the level of tuition fees which may be refunded.  Adjustments to tuition fees are calculated with reference to the date of a student's withdrawal from the University, not the last date of attendance. The table below demonstrates how tuition fees are calculated in respect of withdrawals;


Withdrawal Policy (effective from 1 August 2015)

Attendance/SLC Liability Point  Normal Effective Date Fees due to the University 
Completion of Enrolment and Registration (non-refundable)  September/October  25%
Resumption of Autumn Semester following the Vacation Period 11 January 2016    50%
 Resumption of Spring Semester following the Vacation Period 11 April 2016  100%


The dates of the University’s Semesters and Vacations are available on the website:


Part-time Postgraduate Student
Fees for part-time students are calculated by semester.  Further details of the withdrawal and module drop policy, for part-time students, are outlined in Section 4.4.2 of the Student Finance Framework 2015-16

Postgraduate Research Students
The tuition fee liability for a Postgraduate Research student withdrawal, or a temporary leave of absence, is based on the official date of withdrawal in the academic year, and a refund will be issued, if appropriate.  The tuition fee is calculated for a month, if a student is deemed to be in attendance on, or after, the 5th of that month.

For further information, please refer to the Student Finance Framework 2015-16.

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 Additional Information 

Any queries on tuition fees contact the Fees Helpline (Student Finance Office) on 028 9097 3223.
Student Support

For information on student support 2015-16 click here.

Financial Advice

For advice on applying for tuition fee and other student loans and student support, contact the Financial Advisor in the Students' Union. Phone 028 9097 1049.

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