Vice-Chancellor's Office

Vice-Chancellor's Office

PhotographHead of Vice-Chancellor’s Office
Mrs Nicola Skelly
Nicola is responsible for leading the Vice-Chancellor's Office and is Secretary to the University Executive Board.  Key elements of the role include:  leading the development and implementation of the work of the University Executive Board; provision of high level administrative support to the Vice-Chancellor and Pro-Vice-Chancellors; interacting, on behalf of the Vice-Chancellor, with a wide range of key/senior individuals within and outside the University; supporting the Vice-Chancellor in the development and implementation of the University's Corporate Plan; managing specific projects as directed by the Vice-Chancellor; preparing policy papers; support the senior management retreats and regular meetings of the senior management team.  The Vice-Chancellor's Office plays a key role in Graduation and Nicola leads all aspects of the Office's involvement in Graduation.  Nicola also provides support to the University Chancellor.

Prior to taking up this post, Nicola was Head of the University's Research Policy and Postgraduate Office.

Contact: Mrs Monica Salomeia (0)28 9097 3132

Head of Strategic Change

Mrs Helen Hart

Helen HartHelen is responsible for leading out on the development and implementation of major strategic change projects on behalf of the Vice-Chancellor.  Having led on the development of the 'Towards Vision 2020' paper, approved by Senate in October 2014, she is currently responsible for overseeing the implementation of Vision 2020.  This includes working closely with the Registrar and Chief Operating Officer and other senior managers in this period of transition, to drive forward the major work streams within Vision 2020.  These include leadership, research, recruitment, new University structures and developing a vibrant postgraduate and postdoctoral culture.  These work streams are co-ordinated through the Vision 2020 Project Implementation Group and, through the Strategic Planning Group, which is reviewing the size and shape of the institution under Vision 2020.  Helen is also responsible for the University Operating Board and for providing a cohesive transition between the old structures and the new structures during the transitionary phase of Vision 2020.

From 2012-14, Helen was responsible for leading the Queen's 2014 REF Submission.

Contact:  (0)28 9097 5134

Clerical Staff 

‌Vice-Chancellor's Administrator
Miss Roisin Smith
Contact: (0)28 9097 5134

PhotographOffice Manager, Secretarial Support for Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Planning and Public Engagement) and Support for University Operating Board
Miss Pauline Allen
Contact: (0)28 9097 5220

PhotographSecretarial Support to the Pro-Vice-Chancellors for Research, Enterprise and Postgraduate Affairs and Education and Students
Mrs Judith Hamilton
Contact: (0)28 9097 5221

MonicaSecretary to the Head of the Vice-Chancellor's Office and Support for University Executive Board
Mrs Monica Salomeia
Contact: (0)28 9097 3132