Vice-Chancellor's Office

Vice-Chancellor's Office

PhotographHead of Vice-Chancellor’s Office
Mrs Nicola Skelly and Mrs Helen Hart

The post of Head of the Vice-Chancellor's Office is carried out on a job sharing basis by Mrs Nicola Skelly and Mrs Helen Hart.  Both Nicola and Helen share responsibility for all aspects of the job.

Helen HartKey elements of the role include: leading the development and implementation of the work of the University Executive and Operating Boards; provision of high level administrative support to the Vice-Chancellor and Pro-Vice-‌Chancellors; interacting, on behalf of the Vice-Chancellor, with a wide range of key/senior individuals within and outside the University; supporting the Vice-Chancellor in the preparation and implementation of the University’s Corporate Plan; managing special projects and preparing policy papers; supporting the senior management retreats and regular senior managers’ meetings. 

Nicola and Helen provide support to the Chancellor and are the primary contact point for matters relating to the Chancellor's University business and schedule.

In addition, they have responsibility for the smooth operation of the Vice-Chancellor's Office and for managing its budget.

Contact: Mrs Monica Salomeia (0)28 9097 3132

Ms Caitríona Doherty

Caitríona Doherty has been Administrator in the Vice-Chancellor’s Office since 2006 and previously worked in Faculty/School administration.

Key elements of Caitríona’s role include: undertaking a variety of projects for the Vice-Chancellor, Pro-Vice-Chancellors and Head of the Vice-Chancellor’s Office; providing administrative support in relation to specific aspects of their work; carrying out relevant background research on specific issues and projects; gathering and presenting appropriate information to facilitate decision-making; providing administrative support for various committees and working groups, including the University Operating Board and the Internationalisation Strategy Overview Group.

Contact: (0)28 9097 1138

Clerical Staff 

PhotographPersonal Assistant to the Vice-Chancellor
Mrs Carol Craig
Contact: (0)28 9097 5134

PhotographOffice Manager and Secretarial Support for Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Academic Planning, Staffing and External Relations)
Miss Pauline Allen
Contact: (0)28 9097 5220

PhotographSecretarial Support for Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Education and Students) and Support for University Operating Board
Miss Paula McConville
Contact: (0)28 9097 5132

PhotographSecretarial Support to the Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Research and Postgraduates)
Mrs Judith Hamilton
Contact: (0)28 9097 5221

MonicaSecretary to the Head of the Vice-Chancellor's Office and Support for University Executive Board
Mrs Monica Salomeia
Contact: (0)28 9097 3132