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Accessing the Registration Wizard


To access the Registration Wizard you should first open up your web browser and go to – this will take you to the login page for Qsis, the Queen’s Student Information System. 

(Note: returning students will also be familiar with accessing Qsis via Queen’s Online.  This option is still available if you prefer it.)

When you get to the Qsis login page you will be prompted for your username and password.  New students should use the credentials given in their welcome letter.  Returning students should use their existing credentials (i.e. the credentials used to access Queen’s Online).

Once you have successfully entered your credentials, you will be logged into Qsis.   You should now click on the ‘Self Service’ link in the box labelled ‘Menu’.  This will open up the Self Service menu.  Now click on ‘Student Center’ (top left of the Self Service menu) to automatically launch the Registration Wizard.

Please note that the Wizard only becomes available to you on the specified dates.  A number of Schools make arrangements for early enrolment of students (new and returning) on some courses in August and early September.  Your School will advise you of any arrangements for early enrolment.

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