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Next Steps 1 - International Induction Programme

1. Attend IPSC and University Induction Programmes

At the start of each semester the University holds a Welcome and Orientation programme for our new international students.  The programme includes lots of useful and interesting sessions and exciting activities to help you make new friends and get settled in to life at Queen's. Welcome and Orientation for the first semester of the 2014 / 2015 academic year will take place from 17-19 September 2014.  Attendance on the International Welcome and Orientation programme is compulsory, so please ensure that you arrive on time to attend the programme so that you get the best possible start to your studies!

Alonside this, each School (e.g. School of Law, School of Maths and Physics) runs a week long induction programme for new undergraduate students from Monday 22 – Friday 26 September. Postgraduate students will also be offered shorter induction programmes.

It is important that you attend your School induction as it will include information on the course itself, your programme tutors/ supervisors etc., using the IT facilities etc. It is also a really important way of meeting people on your course, and probably some of your closest friends at University will be found here!

Details of your School induction programme will be sent to your Queen’s email account – it is important you check this regularly.  Copies of the School induction timetables can also be found on the Welcome Week website.

Within the timetable your School has provided you with, there will be an allocated slot to attend the Vice-Chancellor’s Welcome.  Again, it is important you attend this as it is your official ‘welcome’ to the University by the most senior staff.