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Using the Registration Wizard

The Registration Wizard consists of a number of steps which should be followed in sequence.  As you complete each step, the status of the step changes to 'Completed' (see the image to the right).  If the step has a status of 'In Progress', that means that you need to supply additional information to complete the step.  Within each step, there is a ‘Help’ button that you can click to access detailed information on how to complete the step.

When you complete a step, you should click the ‘Next’ button to proceed to the next step.  Alternatively, you can click the ‘Return to Registration Page’ button for more options.  You do not have to complete all the steps in one go – you can log out of the Wizard and return to it later to complete the remaining steps.

Within each step, the ‘Next’ button will remain greyed out (unavailable) until you have supplied all of the information required for the step.  The steps are:

Step 1 – Demographic Information

  • In this step you can view and update the demographic information that the University holds about you.

Step 2 – Addresses

  • In this step any addresses that the University already holds about you are displayed and you can add, edit or delete addresses. 
  • Please note that all students must provide at least two addresses:
  • A ‘Home’ address- This is your permanent address (i.e. where you live when you are not at University). 
  • A ‘Mail’ address- This is your term time address (i.e.where you live while attending University, this should be a local address including postcode).

 Step 3 –  Phone Numbers

  • This step gives you the opportunity to add/update any phone numbers, including mobile numbers. 
  • The University strongly recommends that you supply all relevant telephone numbers so that we can maintain the most effective contact with you and also to communicate with you or your family in the event of any emergency. 

Step 4 – Email Addresses

  • In this step you will see your Queen’s email address.  Your Queen’s email address should be used for all University related email.

Step 5 – Emergency Contacts

  • You are required to provide at least two emergency contacts.  One of these must be your Doctor (GP) and the other can be any contact of your choice (e.g. parent, spouse, partner).
  • If you do not have all of the necessary information to hand, you should provide as much as possible and then you can add any additional information at a later date.

Step 6 – Other Information / Equal Opportunity

  • This step is for the collection of various pieces of information used by the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA) in statistical analysis.

Step 7 – Chaplaincy

  • The University has appointed a number of chaplains and other religious representatives.
  • You can use this step to select a chaplaincy (or none if you prefer).

Step 8 – Data Protection Statement

  • This step displays information from the University’s regulations and policies and allows you to confirm that you have read and understood your obligations as a student and the University's Equal Opportunities and Data Protection obligations.

Step 9 – My Academics

  • In this step you are asked to confirm the details of your programme and mode of study at the University.
  • If you are an undergraduate or postgraduate taught student you will then complete your enrolment details.  Once you have done that you will then be asked to confirm that your enrolment details are correct.
  • Students may be fully or partially enrolled by their Schools in advance of enrolment and registration. 
  • If you are a postgraduate research student you do not have to complete the enrolment process described above.  Instead, you will be shown your research supervisor and asked to confirm that the information is correct.

Step 10 – Finance

  • There are 3 main parts to the Finance step.  First, you will be asked with whom (if anyone) Queen’s may discuss your fees.  For example, you may want to give permission for the University to discuss your fees with your parents.
  • Your account summary will then be displayed, showing your fees and the outstanding amount (if any) to be paid.
  • Finally, you will be offered a number of options for paying any outstanding fees.  
  • One of the options is "Payment will be made by Sponsor/Student Loans Company".  This allows students who expect their fees to be paid by the SLC to enter the amount of that anticipated aid against their fees.
  • Overseas students are required to make contact directly with the University’s Income & Student Finance Office to complete their financial registration.  Information on how to do this is provided as part of step 10.
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