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Thank you for visiting the Queen’s University Belfast website for Queen’s representatives.

Our local representative and agent network plays a central role in the University's recruitment success, and we are therefore committed to providing you with high levels of support.  This website aims to supply you with the most up-to-date information to ensure you accurately represent Queen’s facilities and programmes to prospective applicants.  The site also contains links to our monthly e-newsletter, available courses and entry requirements, information on student fees as well as accommodation information for international students.  

We also intend to provide you with sufficient promotional material so that you are able to fully represent Queen’s programmes.  The International Office will also carry out training in market, attend agent events, and organise familiarisation visits, resources permitting.   We hope that all representatives will visit Queen’s at some stage. You will be very welcome.  If you would like to enquire about arranging a visit to Queen’s University Belfast please do not hesitate to contact the International Office as we feel such visits are extremely beneficial for our representatives. 

We hope that you find the site both helpful and informative. Please contact the International Office with any questions or comments about the website. Suggestions on what you would like to see included on the website are very welcome.

With very best wishes

Isabel Jennings

Student Plus
Queen’s University Belfast